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When Tijuana artist Charles Glaubitz explains his new show “The Noosphere,” at Subtext Friday through July 17, you have to listen as if you had just after woken up from some surreal dream. For those first few hazy minutes even the most nonsensical pieces require no conscious explanation, but you know by midday you’ll have no idea what crystal wombs, the Illuminati, the Child Donkey and King Jaguar have to do with each other. Or you.
Subtext’s invite summed it up coherently enough:
“Charles Glaubitz’s work is influenced by unseen things, mysticism, quantum physics, comics, the stories of ancient cultures, animation, myths, and alchemy. Each series of works is a new chapter in the mythic narrative of the ethereal beings ‘Los Eternos’ and the Starseed Children (mythical avatars to the Beautiful Dreamers). The Beautiful Dreamers are cosmic children who create ‘the Dreamtime’ (a psychic state of contact with the ancestral spirits, the source or the fountain). They habitat ‘The Noosphere’ which is the collective unconscious transformed into conscious awareness.”
But when you ask Glaubitz what it all means, well, that’s when it gets deeply trippy:
T: What exactly is “The Noosphere?”
CG: In the original theory of Vernadsky, the noosphere is the third in a succession of phases of development of the earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transforms the biosphere.
I first came about the concept of the noospehre reading a article on Jose Arguelles by Will Black “Beyond the End of the World: Navigating Our Personal Apocalypse” on a couple of months ago and it seemed to parallel all other concepts of this unified field of collective consciousness, thoughts or human energy that mythology has been talking about since the beginning of the story and quantum physics just recently.
Also, it is parallel to the idea of the Beautiful Dreamers that I have been working on recently as a extension of the eternal Starseed Children cycle metanarrative. It is a concept that might unify all these other beautiful expressions of our collective creative humanity. So I tried to explore the concept through the recent work.
T: What is a Starseed Child?
CG: A Starseed Child is a warrior-like child, a generation of the end result of the evolution of revolution within our system of genetics, philosophy, science, art, etc. They are endowed with direct access to our past history and have all the wisdom present and all the conflicts resolved from the past. The next quantum step or as Terence Mckenna calls it “novelty” for transformation. In my work they are represented by an indigo child, a crystal child, a nahual (animal child) who are set out on a journey to find all seven Starseed Children to join forces to defeat the Illuminati and their masters the annunaki and the coming of the black darkness.
T: Why don’t they have eyes, noses and mouths?
CG: Shape, form and color have a symbolic meaning, an inherent meaning that communicates emotion and feeling. Eliminating the facial features I think makes them seem more melancholic, mysterious and open … open enough that viewers can project their meanings onto them.
T: So when the Starseed Children create Dreamtime to communicate with ancestral spirits, what exactly do they communicate?
CG: They are narrating the same cycle over again, each cycle is narrated to a new generation so it is not forgotten, each time we remember the specifics of the story more and more.
T: How do Starseed Children and Beautiful Dreamers relate to human beings?
CG: We all want a beautiful world, we all want to change our world and I think deep down inside we all want to fight for our dreams to become real.
T: What’s next for the Beautiful Dreamers?
CG: I’m working on the following chapters — “Black Darkness,” “The Melancholy of Croaking,” and “The Cult of the Orange Seed” — as well as the intertwined stories of the Beautiful Dreamers, who are the dreamers/users who dream this story into being.

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The Noosphere
New Works by Charles Glaubitz
June 24th – July 17th, 2011
Opening Reception with the Artist: Friday, June 24th, 6-10pm
We’re looking forward to the first show of our summer season by Tijuana-based artist Charles Glaubitz, entitled The Noosphere. Charles was born in Tijuana and grew up in Rosarito Beach, a small town just 25 minutes away from the San Diego / Tijuana international border. After graduating from San Diego City College, Glaubitz became a successful illustrator and has shown in galleries around the worlds including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, Tijuana, San Diego and Seattle. He has also been recognized in HOW Magazine, American Illustration 21, 22, 23 and Communication Arts.

viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

ilLUZtration by Giancarlo Ruiz and Charles Glaubitz

A mythic path of ideas:
Exploring (entering the portal) the creative process through mythic storytelling with Tijuana based artist Charles Glaubitz.

A collaboration by
Charles Glaubitz and Giancarlo Ruiz

Directred, Shot, Edited, Giancarlo Ruiz
Associate Producer, Illya Haro
Music/sound, Yojimbo Music

©ilLUZtration 2011

miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Taller de arte secuencial/sequential art workshop en julio/in july tijuana

este taller esta diseñado para ilustradores con experiencia que desean obtener los conceptos y herramientas para desarrollar proyectos de arte secuancial y explorar a fondo la narrativa visual y las prossibles representaiones que cada proyecto ofrece.

This workshop is designed for experienced illustrators who want to get the concepts and tools to develop art projects secuancial and thoroughly explore the visual and narrative representaion prossibles each project offers.