miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Taco de Ojo #2 comix anthology

124+ pages 8.5 x 11IN, Red & Black Ink, printed on 125g matte paper, hand-sewn and expertly bound. We make books you will want to keep.
Taco de Ojo means “to get an eyeful” in Spanish, and is generally used to refer to checking someone out. We are reappropriating it to refer to images which provide food for thought: stories which spill off the page and continue to grow in the subconscious long after you have put our book down.

Latino Toons is a Latin American collective of comics, art and poetry, with collaborators stemming from the Rio Grande all the way down to Tierra del fuego. “Taco de Ojo: THE PINK BOOK”, gathers poets, illustrators & intellectuals in a joint exploration; combining elements from comics, design, illustration and conceptual art, we seek to push the boundaries of expression to a new frontier. We feel fortunate to count the very best illustrators from Latin America amongst our collaborators, and hope you will enjoy them too.  

We are convinced that the hybrid nature of our work makes it accessible to a wide audience, including those entirely new to the comics medium. All our publications are bilingual, and should be of interest to illustrators, geeks, and anyone who is curious about what happens when you combine Latin American industry professionals and young raw talent, unleashed in a compilation THE PINK BOOK. This combination of erotic comics, visual poetry & illustration delivers a powerful punch!
Taco de Ojo is a publication that intends to transcend national boundaries. With your help we can make this dream come true!