martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

The World is in Play for Sony Playstation

A while back I did this great job for Sony Playstation, for a limited edition book 300 in fact for the most important people in the company. They hired a bunch of great artist to do a key word that represented the Sony brand, mine was fearless.

The other artist where Sebastién Féraut, Jasper Goodall, Jody Barton, Siggi Eggerstsson, Matt Furie. This was all art directed by  I think they did a great job getting a great group of artists to get this done.

This what they liked to see in my work for them, a little mrglaubitz mood board.

This is the selected sketch "Step"

sketch 2 "Byte"

Sketch 3 "Jump"

small sketch detail.

I had a blast, it was definitly something up my alley. Here is waht the other artsit did also.

martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

Wolf mother seed.

We plant the wolf mother head because she holds the cosmo-genetic history of the akashic tree, they can never destroy what is!they can only manipulate us through the use of the cosmo-genetic manipulations, we must get those proto-cells back tu insure they do not use what they find against us!

Planting the wolf mother head 2011 watercolor on paper.