domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

CD cover art

Here are some images of a long rencent CD project for some friends who play music SONIDERO TRAVESURA Tigre Digital Greatest Hits that  has finally gone to print. Here is a video about them that appeared a year ago on MTV.

I was so inspired when I saw this video and heard there music that I had to make some art of "El Tigre Digital/The Digital Tigre" wich is a crazy visual hybrid of a idea, and musicaly speaken also. It is to me a kind of speed/cumbia/latino jam.

Here is some art, the idea of the series of illustrations was to convey and imply something sexy without being in any form obvious, to let the viewer make up the story at the end.

Girl alone calling the tiger, inside cd cover

Tiger responds to call to girl, cd art
(as you lift the cd you see) girl and tiger embrace, inside cd art, beneath cd art
The end, back cover art.