martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

The World is in Play for Sony Playstation

A while back I did this great job for Sony Playstation, for a limited edition book 300 in fact for the most important people in the company. They hired a bunch of great artist to do a key word that represented the Sony brand, mine was fearless.

The other artist where Sebastién Féraut, Jasper Goodall, Jody Barton, Siggi Eggerstsson, Matt Furie. This was all art directed by  I think they did a great job getting a great group of artists to get this done.

This what they liked to see in my work for them, a little mrglaubitz mood board.

This is the selected sketch "Step"

sketch 2 "Byte"

Sketch 3 "Jump"

small sketch detail.

I had a blast, it was definitly something up my alley. Here is waht the other artsit did also.

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