martes, 13 de julio de 2010


This piece was created for my spring illustration 120 2010 class at San Diego City College, it was used as a demo to show students how to create a illustration mixing traditional and digital medias (painting, drawing and photoshop).  I had very good results and some extremely good final pieces from a handful of students.

It was a little of a struggle since my class is a beguinning class andmost students did not have any computer experience at all!And on top of that I am still firung out how to blend both digital and traditional in my work.

Any way it was good experience.

2 comentarios:

Brody Albert dijo...

dude. this image is like three or four different kinds of sick in the head. good work man... im happy to see you're still crazy!

mrglaubitz dijo...

jajajaj, the idea behind the image was how to create a image that would have 3 to 4 implicit conections instead of explicit/literal putting the familiar in a unfamiliar setings, using parralels ideas, compare/contrast, etc,etc.