jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Process for stomach ache/Dolor de panza

Final Art Digital mixed media

The illustration was created for my Digital/traditional illustration workshop in my studio in Playas De Tijuana, Mexico.  Students learned how to digitally ink a image in Manga Studio, make hand made textures and traditionally inked shadow. The it is all merged into a single image.

Sketch, light and shadows pencil on bond paper with scotch tape

Black and white drawing

The above image is the inked image in Manga Studio. In Black and white at 600 dpi then exported into photoshop.
Shadow drawing in sumi ink on paper

The above image is sumi ink on bristol, later scanned and combined with the black and white image in photoshop, where other paper and hand made textures are scanned in and incorporated into the image.

Here is a video of the inking in Manga Studio it is in spanish.

part2.final from charles glaubitz on Vimeo.

Here are the shadow ink washes on bristol videos also in spanish.

part one:

part two:

part three:

part four:

Here is a process where I make the shadows in manga studio, But I did no use these.

sombras.manga2 from charles glaubitz on Vimeo.

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