viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

Apostasis art

Art from the show Apostasis at Espacio Freelance in Tijuana, MExico. The show closed a week ago and it was fun. Here are some closer looks at some of the artwork.

La Via. acrylic on wood. 2013

Malo. Acrylic on paper. 2013

Jaguar Portal. Ink on paper 2013

F.U. ink/gauche on paper 2013

Casa de la Abuela. acrylic on paper 2013

Guardian Down. ink on paper 2013

Niño en playa. Ink on paper 2013

Araña Abuela. acrylic on canvas 2013

Viajeros acrylic on canvas 2013

Apostasis acrylic on canvas 2013

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